Reasons Why Tourists Flock to Casablanca Morocco

Exotic and fascinating Casablanca Morocco, affectionately known as Casa. The North African city’s name comes from the term “Casa Branca” given by the Portuguese when it was merely a small Berber village sitting on the Anfa hill – previous to that, the original name was “Anfa”, meaning the hill itself.

Casablanca Morocco is a cosmopolitan city, a city more at ease and open to Western cultural ways in relation to other regions in Morocco. This cultured way of life reflects itself in the way Casablancans dress, shop, socialize, and play. It is mirrored in the way women and men mingle together in cafés, bistros, bars, beaches and nightlife hot spots. However, it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Europe has inspired the North African country’s fashion, food and culture for quite some time, but more and more young Casablancans are beginning to find their footing and their pride in coming from a country with such a captivating backstory.

It’s the fusion of these unique cultural elements that entices tourists to flock to Casablanca Morocco in great numbers year after year. Casablanca has the authenticity of a first generation, sometimes socially struggling nation, however it’s easy to quickly fall in love with the city’s beaches, galleries, well tended public parks, sparkling fountains and wonderful colonial architecture.

Travellers visiting Morocco’s holiday destinations tend to overlook the city of Casablanca Morocco because it is generally a crowded

Quartier Habous

Quartier Habous

capital, and more modern, where the rustic and “typically Moroccan” tourist sights are harder to find. There are plenty of diamonds in the rough (or rough patches in the diamond, depending on how you look at it) if you know where to look for them. Yes, the streets are busy, and yes, American fast-food chains are found on every corner of the city centre, and there are modern methods of transport like the tramway, and there is westernized culture everywhere you look it seems. It is admittedly the most westernized city in all of Morocco and thus doesn’t have the same reputation of bringing in tourism as other more authentically Moroccan destinations, but there are still so many things to see and do in Casablanca, and tourists are starting to take notice, as the city is “less touristy” than other Moroccan destinations!

Quartier Habous: Habous is a unique area to go exploring one side of Casablanca Morocco, in fact it’s been dubbed “Morocco lite.” Almost an idealised version of a traditional medina with proper little rows of shop stalls along neat streets, one might regard the Habous to be too sterile to be an authentic market experience. This region is a quarter built by the French in the 1930s as an attempted solution to the region’s ongoing housing shortage and to create a new medina similar to the traditional old Moroccan towns with a few extra amenities including more modern facilities and expanded streets.

Quartier Habous is the hub of a variety of traditional markets. It pairs the best of the traditional Casablanca Morocco architecture with some more modern facilities as seen through French ideals. For example, the mosque opens out onto a piece of grassy lawn just like a small village church. If you’re searching for an afternoon of Casablancan delight without feeling too crowded and hassled, take to the Habous streets and sample some of the baked goods, coffee, and visit the bazaars and craft shops.
La Corniche: The rocky coastal region of La Corniche in Casablanca Morocco offers spectacular views, as well as surfing, swimming and sunbathing, street musicians and henna painting. From Anfa Place to the Morocco Mall, this stretch of coast boasts a variety of different entertaining experiences. Look out over the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, or go on a pleasant evening walk, take a jog along the beach in the morning and experience the fresh coastal air. Take an exhilarating swim as it does get warm at Ain Diab Beach, and have brunch at one of the street cafés. Visit Cafe des Negociants for coffee, Flag and Stork beer, or a strong glass of Toulal wine.

Art Deco Buildings At one point, the country was a French colony. Therefore, Casablanca Morocco has since preserved a unique architectural heritage from these French colonial times in the 1930s. The Art Deco Buildings that tower over the city’s center make it impossible not to notice their historic and fascinating design. Taking a walk to see these buildings up close is recommended, just to be able to witness how beautiful some of them are. You can begin your trek from The United Nations Square, and walk towards Mohammed V Street.

Specific Casablanca Morocco buildings to keep an eye out for include Cinema Rialto, on the corner of rue Mohammed el Qorri and rue Salah ben Bouchaib; the Hotel Guynemer, 2 rue Brahim Belloul; the Hotel Lincoln, across from the Marché Central on the corner of boulevard Mohammed V and rue Ibn Batouta; the Hotel Transatlantique, 79 rue Chaouia (also known as rue Colbert); and the Hotel Volubilis, 20-22 rue Abdelkrim Diouri, where you can ask the hotel staff to show you the World War II bullet holes on the hotel’s facade.

You will discover more fine examples while walking along Mohammed V Street, the pedestrian-only section of rue du Prince Moulay Abdellah, as well as place du 16 Novembre. Along Mohammed V there exist a group of classic Mauresque public buildings, including the police headquarters – 1930 former Préfécture, the 1925 Palais de Justice, and the 1918 General Post Office. Make sure to look up while you’re taking in the Casablanca Morocco sights. The majority of the city’s Mauresque and Art Deco buildings are now shops and offices along the modified ground floors.


Rick’s Café, Old Town Many people know about Casablanca Morocco simply from watching the film Casablanca, and anyone who has seen this movie has probably taken notice of a place called Rick’s Café. Rick’s Café actually does exist in Casablanca in the form of a distinct replica of the fictional café as portrayed in the film. This café is situated in the Old Town, and its location is strategically placed between the walls of the Medina, the Sqala fortifications erected in the 18th century, and the 100 plus year operational Port of Casablanca. Take a trip over there for a drink, the 40s inspired restaurant is welcoming and friendly. It’s known to play the movie Casablanca on screens inside the restaurant.


Museum of Judaism
81 rue Chasseur Jules Gros, Casablanca, Morocco
Phone:+212 5229-94940

The only museum in Casablanca and the only Jewish museum in the Islamic world. Being that Casablanca Morocco is a multi-cultural country where Amazigh, Jewish and Arabs lived for years together in peace, the country’s Jewish history is quite rich and has has a large influence on Moroccan history. The decision was made to create a museum dedicated to Moroccan Jewish history in the residential neighborhood of Oasis. Oasis is a 15-minute taxi ride from the city centre.


Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque

Address: SOUR JDID, Casablanca, Morocco
A must-see attraction while visiting Morocco – in fact, it’s difficult not to see it! The Hassan II Mosque nicknamed “Casablanca Hajj” is not only the biggest in Casablanca Morocco, it’s the mosque with the tallest minaret in the world at 689 feet high, and the seventh largest mosque in the world. The mosque can be seen from every corner of the city of Casablanca. The architecture inside of the mosque is very Islamic-inspired with a Moroccan hint of Zellige from Fez. The mosque rests on a hill looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, with the sea bed exposed through the mosque’s glass floor in the hall area. To best experience this magnificent mosque on a deeper lever is to take a guided tour and explore the entire building.
SKY28, Twin Center
Address: Twin Center – Bd Zerktouni, 20000, Casablanca Morocco

Phone Number: 5 22 95 89 89

Casablanca Morocco boasts the Twin Towers in Maarif, the tallest buildings in Morocco. One of the towers houses the especially luxurious 5 star Kenzi Tower hotel. The accompanying tower holds a multitude of business offices. After journeying to the very top floor of the Kenzi Tower hotel, you can drink in the amazing view while you also drink some fine wine. The tower gives you an unmatchable panorama of the entire city of Casablanca. The Kenzi Hotel bar is called the Sky 28 lounge, and the most ideal time of day to pay visit is during the rush hour around 6pm to witness the unbelievable bustling traffic from high above. You can relax and watch as the lights of the city come on one by one.

The restaurant on the 27th floor, called Sens offers delicious food at a reasonable price considering the impressive view from the highest restaurant in Casablanca Morocco. The unique restaurant gives diners a perfect view of the busy midtown, the suburbs, the coastal area, as well as Casablanca’s main landmark – the wondrous Hassan II Mosque. To satisfy the eyes and the palate, the Sens restaurant serves up cuisine that marries the finest in Mediterranean dining and the cosmopolitan variety of Moroccan fare, in a range of traditional and modern dining.


Shopping: Casablanca Morocco is emerging as a destination for fashion and shopping, and accordingly it has become home to of one of the largest shopping malls in Africa. Morocco Mall is a place of shopping and of recreation and leisure activities. Come see the malls’ aquarium, order a drink at a chic bar, have dinner in the grand food court and witness the sparkling show of the outdoor fountain.

There are so many different varieties of things to see and do inside the walls of this mega mall. Shopping opportunities range from basic brands such as H&M and Zara to Louis Vuitton and Dior. Aside from the Morocco Mall, there is also Anfa Place Shopping Centre, The Twin Center and the entire location of Maarif for shop-o-holics to get their fix. If it’s traditional Moroccan clothes or souvenirs you’re looking for, the Old Town is the place to look for them but it is recommended to actually purchase traditional things in a nearby city where products are produced locally. Visiting the Casablanca Morocco malls and shopping areas during the week is preferable, as these places tend to get extremely busy on the weekends.


Mazagan Beach Resort | El Jadida (Casablanca) Morocco

Address: 24000 – El Jadida (Casablanca) Morocco

Phone: +212 5 2338 8000

Web site:
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