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Morocco Holidays

Reasons Why Tourists Flock to Casablanca Morocco

Reasons Why Tourists Flock to Casablanca Morocco Exotic and fascinating Casablanca Morocco, affectionately known as Casa. The North African city’s name comes from the term “Casa Branca” given by the Portuguese when it was merely a small Berber village sitting on the Anfa hill – previous to that, the original name was “Anfa”, meaning the hill itself. Casablanca Morocco is a cosmopolitan city, a city more at ease and open

Marrakesh – The Ultimate Experience In Adventure Travel

Essential Guide To Enjoying Your Marrakesh (Marrakech) Experience Marrakesh, the red city, is the former imperial city of Morocco. The city has two parts, an older fortified city- Medina and the adjacent modern city- Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle. Both the cities present contrasting lifestyles to the outside world. Medina has long and narrow streets with traditional shops full of life and character. On the contrary, Gueliz has a modernistic outlook

Holidays In Marrakech | Visit Marrakech Morocco

Brace Yourself For The Holidays In Marrakech Morocco! Ever dreamt of seeing the land of God? Then, start preparing for your holidays in Marrakech because this medieval-looking place is not only the second largest city but is also the commercial hub of the Kingdom of Morocco. Deriving its name from the Tamazight word “Mur akuch,” Marrakech literally means the “land of God.” But in going beyond this simple etymology, your

Morocco | Attend A Festival | Festivals In Morocco

Morocco – Know When To Be Knowing when to be in Morocco is part of the fun of booking your trip. There are a number of Muslim and national festivals held throughout the year, and when you travel to Morocco, you may want to consider booking your vacation in conjunction with one of these events. In fact, almost every month of the year features at least one festival you can